Frequently Asked Questions


What size units do you have available?

  • 5X10 (50 square feet)
  • 10X10 (100 square feet)
  • 10X12 (120 square feet)
  • 10X15 (150 square feet)
  • 10X18 (180 square feet)
  • 10X20 (240 square feet)
  • 10X24 (240 square feet)
  • 10X25 (250 square feet)
  • 12X20 (240 square feet)
  • 12X15 (180 square feet)

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How far are you from Columbia?

We're an easy 20-30 minute drive down I-70. Even though we're right off the Interstate, your items are being stored in a small town that's big on safety and security. Our competitive prices make the short drive well worth it!


If I start renting mid-month, what would I need to pay to get a unit rented?

All payments are due on the 1st and you have to pay a month down to get the unit rented. 

For example: If you started renting on January 15th, you would owe for 1 month (February) and 15 days (pro-rated portion of January). Then your payment would be due again March 1st.

You can pay by cash, check, money order, debit card, or credit card. Whatever is convenient for you! We also offer automatic payments on the 1st, that can be taken from your debit card or credit card. This systematic way will ensure you never get behind on your monthly payments.


When are you available?

We are available by phone/text (660-888-5021) or email anytime! You may also visit our Contact page and fill out the form to help answer any questions that may arise.

We would love to earn your business as a valued customer, so contact us today!


What security features do you have?

We have well-lit, secure facilities in a great community with very little crime! All units are located in Boonville, Mo right outside of Columbia, Mo.  Boonville is a low-key community with exceptional law enforcement that keeps the community safe and secure. We have easy access off of I-70, half way in between Kansas City, Mo and St. Louis, Mo. Wesselman Storage is less than 5 miles off the Interstate, although we do not have to worry about potential crime hazards from the Interstate.


Will insurance be required?

We ask that each tenant secures their own insurance for personal and/or business belongings. Wesselman Storage is NOT responsible for your personal or business belongings or any damage to the belongings. Each individual tenant is responsible for their own items and it's recommended you secure an insurance policy for your protection.


Is there a lease requirement?

The beauty of renting a unit with a local small business is the flexibility of multiple leasing options. We are able to do month-to-month leases as well as long-term leases, which come at a discounted rate.

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